Blockchain Workshop by Waves Platform Developer Advocate Inal Kardanov will be held during Blockchain Conference Azerbaijan at Holiday Inn Baku.

  • Date: 7 december 2018
  • Time: 14:30-17:00

Waves Developers meetups focus on 3 categories of attendees:

  • Developers with low experience in blockchain, but a good background in usual software development
  • Developers with good experience with other blockchains, like Ethereum or Hyperledger
  • Small startups which have plans to use blockchain for their project

Part I. Blockchain basics

Timing: 30 minutes.

In this part,we will cover basic questions about the design of the blockhain system. We will not go too deep, but you will get good intuition how blockchain works and main concepts.

  • Blockchain is a ledger, so we will start with the comparison of blockchain with a usual ledger and what problems of a ledger we can solve with a blockchain technology.
  • Differences between centralized, decentralized and distributed systems.
  • We will talk about hashes, public-key cryptography, and digital signatures.
  • Transactions and blocks. How mining works.
  • Consensus algorithms, how PoW and PoS work, what’s the difference between them.
  • Features of the blockchain: network, forksandmany other things to consider.

Part II. Smarts: contracts, accounts, assets

Timing: 60 minutes

Most of us already heard about smart contracts and the first thing that comes to our mind when we say a smart contract is Ethereum, it is a little unfair, because the first proof-of-concept of a smart contract is Bitcoin Script. Actually, there are many different blockchain platforms which implemented the idea of a smart contract and the definition of the smart contract was introduced 20 years ago by Nick Szabo.

  • History of smart contracts
  • Bitcoin Script as the first language for smart contracts. Overview of a few approaches.
  • Flat fees vs Gas.
  • Waves as easy-to-start blockchain. Waves basics and transaction types.
  • Smart Contracts in Waves Blockchain.
  • The concept of Smart Accounts and Smart Assets. Pros and cons of smart contracts without gas.
  • Smart Contracts use-cases.

Part III. Hands on: developing a smart contract for a real use case

Timing: 60 minutes

Smart contracts have a lot of applications, to get better intuition we will show how to develop a smart contract and deploy it to the network. If you think, that you have a good use case for smart contracts – send us details, we will choose the most interesting use case and make a demo for the use case. The default case is a document flow between multiple companies.

  • Details about use case and problem
  • RIDE smart contracts language basics
  • Tools for smart contracts development
  • Deploying Waves private blockchain for development
  • RIDE Visual Studio Code Extension
  • Smart Contacts Builder – WYSIWYG for Waves smart contracts
  • How to connect Smart Account with UI

We will have only 50 seats, so if you want to join the workshop fill the form and wait news from us: